Celia Loretta Quinn

celia quinn
Celia Quinn, 83, of Annandale, Virginia, passed away on March

24, 2023 after a rough but quick battle with cancer.

Celia was born on March 20, 1940 to Walter Strek and Lottie

Lapa in Lackawanna (Erie County), NY. Celia spent much of

her childhood in an orphanage near Buffalo, New York and

would later move to Silver Creek with her foster family, Peter

and Jeanette Veklotz, and her foster brother, Ronald Veklotz.

Celia often shared the fondest of memories of her childhood

both in the orphanage and with her foster family.

Celia landed her first job with M&T Bank kicking off a 60 year

career working with computers in various ways including

managing contract proposal work and eventually retiring as an

administration assistant at Mitre Corporation.

Celia moved to Alexandria, Virginia in the 1970s and worked

for the City of Alexandria, continuing her education and efforts

in the world of computers.

Celia finally retired in January 2022, just before her 82nd

birthday. She spent the last 15 years of her career with Mitre

Corporation and created many wonderful relationships with both

her co-workers and their children that she often gave birthday

and holiday gifts to as she watched them grow up over the years.

Celia was predeceased by her parents and foster parents, her

brothers Richard “Butchie” Strek, Walter Strek and Henry

Hochstine. Celia is survived by her son, Kevin O’Dea, her

grandsons Logan and Aidan O’Dea, her brothers Robert Strek,

Joseph Hochstine and foster brother Ronald Veklotz, and her

sisters Sylvia Bosquette, Mary Nicols and, Nancy Velzy

Memorial gathering to be announced at a later date.

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  1. Celia was always one of the strongest and toughest women I have ever known. I can remember how much she liked laying out in the sun in front of her apartment in front of the flowers she planted to brighten up the area. I also remember how she taught my mother the coupons’ trick. Celia really was an amazing woman and she’ll be missed for sure. I hope she is at peace and has found a good spot to sun herself!

  2. Celia was truly an angel on earth. She always put others before herself….always there to lend a hand or shoulder to all those around. Celia was well known for giving surprises to others…just to see them smile, which in turn caused her to smile. RIP, Celia, you will be missed.

  3. Continuing to pray for your family. Celia was like a part of my family. I was blessed to have her for the last 16 years.

  4. Q: What 3 words best describe Celia and why?

    A: Celia,
    Was the best gift giver, and never wanted nothing in return, Celia would always give me the perfect gift?
    Iam a Washington Commanders Fan!!

    I will truly miss you.

  5. Celia always had a smile — no matter the day or what was going on, she would always make you feel good and brighten your day. Her concern for her coworkers and friends was unmatched. Celia knew of my passion for sewing and gifted me a small music box in the shape of an antique sewing machine a couple of years ago. I will always treasure it and be reminded of her caring generosity. RIP, Celia, the angels have you now.

  6. Celia, I will surely miss you. Coming back from overseas, we made sure that we would come visit you. We would eat at your favourite place. Hang out in the front porch watching squirrels, and you made sure there’s enough bread for all of them. The Rose plant that you named after me. The time I scared you, and you shouted Oh Jesus!!
    Really Heaven Is A Beautiful Place that’s why they take you there.

    Love You ??

  7. You brought a unique light to the world sharing your smile and kindness with everyone you met. You remembered the little things and made everyone feel like they mattered and were valued. You were such a giving person -finding just the thing they didn’t even know they needed -so thoughtful and caring. I will miss your smile and words of encouragement. Your light in this world will be missed by many and will now shine oh so bright in heaven.

  8. Q: What will you miss most about Celia?

    A: Celia and I knew each other casually. I am a long-time neighbor in our Condominium complex. Celia always had a smile and hello for me. I will miss the familiar face and warm happy greeting, regardless of weather, I would always receive from her. She will be missed.

  9. We used to have conversations in the morning while I was driving into the office. I’ve missed those conversations for awhile now, and now will forever miss those conversations. She was a joy to know, a good friend, and always went out of her way to help others. I miss you Celia. ❤️

  10. Q: What will you never forget about Celia?

    A: What I remember about our time together:

    o Monday morning coffee catching up on the weekend activities
    o Telling me to remember Ted’s age and to be patience with him. In the last five years I still hear you in my head.
    o Amazement in how you could coupon shop, get a list of goods a mile long, and the store had to pay you!
    o Remembering each other’s March birthdays
    o Penguins—you always found me another penguin for my collection
    o Secretly adding candy to the dish on my table in my office (I knew it was you!)
    o Your smile when things were right with the world
    o Your frown when things WEREN’T right with the world
    o Hearing about your yard sales
    o Your excitement when Kevin got engaged and then married. Sharing those time on Facebook
    o Your excitement when the grand children came along. Sharing those time on Facebook
    o The elaborate dioramas you made for me and so many others.
    o Always finding special gifts for the department staff’s children

    The list could go on and on. You will be missed by me and so many others.

    Rest peacefully my friend.

    Dee Akers (MITRE-retired)

  11. Q: What will you never forget about Celia?

    A: Celia was the kindest soul. She was always so thoughtful and caring, making sure others were always taken care of. Her love for children was unmatched, always going above and beyond to make others happy. We will miss her dearly and we are so lucky to have known her.

  12. Celia was our neighbor for over 35 years. I miss her so much. Life here at our condos just aren’t the same without her. She loved sitting out in the sun on sunny beautiful days. I miss that. We love you Celia! William & Angel Windley

  13. Ms. Celia was an incredible person. I met her when I was five years old as she welcomed my mom and me into the neighborhood. She took care of me when I was scared of thunderstorms. She always thought of us during birthdays and holidays. She always looked out for everyone in the community. She was the life in our neighborhood. Her spirit and energy will never be forgotten. I will miss seeing her in her corner and out in the sun. I will miss her garage sales. I will miss her decorations. I will miss seeing her smile and waving to her. I will miss laughing and making jokes with her. I am missing her. She will be missed dearly!

  14. Q: How would you describe Celia to someone who had never met them?

    A: I have knew Ms.Celia for about 15 years; she has the kindest soul and was very smart. She shared kindness to her community, family and coworkers by donating her time and effort to them. She was a very good networker, and loved to give back. From the age around 7 years old Ms.Celia taught me many things including: tricks, finance and to always have fun. When I think of Ms. Celia, I think of the idiom “Where there’s a will, there’s is a way”. She was an optimistic person that will be missed by many.

  15. My neighbor, my friend, you will be missed. There is this emptiness in the community. Your smile. Your kindness. Peace and love to you and your family.

  16. Ceiling I met from an ad on FB for a st on Gold carnival dishes. She was so delightful and informative. She was like an instant comfortable friend. She found a matching plate weeks later and called me to come pick it up. I did know she passed, I just found out today when I sent a another message and advice on a beautiful bowl. I thought why hasn’t she been replying to my carnival glass inquiries. I checked he page today, sad to see a beautiful lady is gone. My condolences to her family and friends. RIP Celia.

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