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keith lemaster
Keith Derick Carr Lemaster, 30, of Vienna, VA, passed away on April 18, 2023. Keith was born on January 18, 1993 to Ray and Kim Lemaster in Petersburg, VA. Keith spent his childhood in many different places, including Germany, where he attended German school and made many German friends. After graduating from Forest Park High School, Woodbridge, VA in 2011, Keith went on to study Physics at Virginia Commonwealth University. After graduation, Keith traveled to Japan to teach English in Okayama. He loved Japan but returned to study for a master’s degree.

Keith was predeceased by grandparents Dr. Joel Carr, Sr, Raymond Lemaster, Jr. and Nancy Lemaster. Keith is survived by his parents, Kim and Ray Lemaster of Vienna, his sister, Brianna of Charlotte, NC. His grandmother, Nancy Carr and his uncle, Joel Carr, Jr, both of Ft. Myers, FL. His step-grandmother, Joyce Lemaster of Salibury NC and his aunt Ann Lemaster, of Elizabethtown, PA.

A private memorial service will be held at Money and King Funeral Home, Vienna VA on April 29, 2023. Burial will be at National Memorial Park, Falls Church VA.

In lieu of flowers, the family asks that donations be made to the National Alliance on Mental Illness,

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  1. I had the opportunity to meet Keith just before he went to Japan to teach. I was glad I had a chance to get to know him a little; I could see he was a fine young man looking forward to that next chapter. My condolences to Kim Ray, Brianna, and all the family.

    • Dear Nancy Carr and family… we’re so sorry you’re going through this and we are deeply touched. Prayers for the whole family. Chris & Al Alayon

  2. The memory I have of Keith is a quiet little boy who did what he was told and was a good boy somewhere maybe around the age of 9 or 10. I coached him briefly on the swim team and while swimming back and forth in the cold water was clearly not his favorite thing to do he still gave it a try and didn’t give me any grief. Thank you Keith for giving me that good memory of you and I pray that you are at peace ?

  3. Keith was one of my best friends in high school. In an unfamiliar setting, I was fortunate to have a friend who shared a lunch schedule. I still tell stories of his antics and the stuff that he showed me through those years. I especially won’t forget your wrist flexibility or how you couldn’t donate blood. I wish I had kept better contact after we graduated high school. I’ll hold all those memories dear to me, as Keith had a profound impact on critical years of my life. Thanks for all the wonderful times we had together. Your time here was way too short.

  4. Keith was my best friend in first grade in Germany. The evening before he moved back to the US with his family we said to each other, that when we looked at the stars we would think of one another.
    I didn’t do that as often as I should have but I cherished that memory all these years. So I wrote this poem for Keith. I hope he can see it.


    I look up into the sky
    Where I see your smiling face
    It’s comforting to fly
    In the infinity of space
    No earthly forces hold sway
    I see you drifting
    Drifting away

    All the bonds and strings
    Won’t hold you back, won’t hold you down
    Whatever eternity might bring
    There are no sorrows in which to drown
    Out there, you’re on your way
    I see you drifting
    Drifting away

    All flowers bloom and wither
    All feelings come and go
    Every soul travels hither and thither
    We all dance to and fro
    I shall look up, eyes ajar
    And see you drift
    Drift among the stars

  5. I remember you as a little boy who loved Winnie the Pooh so much that you would flip around on the furniture like Pooh when you watched his movies. I remember when you were almost 3 and I took Brianna to see the Nutcracker and you cried because you wanted to go (even though you would have hated it). But you had a fabulous day with your mom and dad and the next day when I was leaving after dropping Bri off, you cried again because you wanted to go but once I told you I was just going to work, you no longer wanted to go. I remember taking you to Murphy’s Mart when you were almost 4 and you picked out something for Bri very quickly but stood analyzing the transformer toys for awhile. You were thinking about the ones you had and how a new one would work with those. After about ten minutes, I said “dude we have to get going” and you said “don’t call me dude”. It was soooo cute coming from such a little voice. I remember when you had a cast on your leg and hated taking baths with it, so when your mom said you had to have a bath, you went in your room and made yourself go to sleep to avoid it (the only memory I have of you being willful). I remember having conversations with you when you were 8, 9, etc and being impressed at how articulate you were. I will always remember a conversation we had about my mother when you were 10 or 11. I remember how unimpressed you were with the balloon Brianna got you for graduation. I remember when you were learning Japanese and told me you how easy it came to you and how you didn’t fear learning languages. I remember how excited you were for your adventure in Japan. I will cherish these and so many more memories of you forever.

    You were always a thoughtful, caring person. You always wanted everyone around you to be happy. All of the dogs your parents had always loved you because they knew they were loved and safe with you.

    I will forever wish things had turned out so differently for you, we would have done anything to make it so. But it doesn’t change that I love you and will always be proud to be your aunt. I hope you knew that. I hope you knew the impact you had on so many people, especially your family. The world will never be the same for us without you.

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