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Obituary of Mei Ping (Tina) Olexa

Mei Ping (Tina) Olexa went home to be with God her heavenly father and her Savior the Lord Jesus Christ in the early hours of Monday November 14, 2022 after a long bout with CADASIL, a chronic genetic illness with many secondary effects including dementia and cognitive impairment. She passed with her loving husband of 52 years, Gene a native of Hazleton Pennsylvania and her loving son Chris, a Virginia Tech graduate and ,entrepreneur at her side; shortly thereafter they were joined by his loving wife Beth,

a professional educator, all also born again Christians. Mei was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Yang Win Ted of Nanking China and was born in March 1944.

Mei and Gene were married in Hong Kong after Gene had completed a foreign work assignment in Asia. Mei immigrated to the US in 1970. Within two days of arriving in the Washington DC area, Mei was quickly hired to join the staff of a prominent national lobbyist firm where she worked for the next 16 years. Mei received her Associates of Science degree from Northern Virginia Community college and later went on to complete a second career as a clinical assistant in hospital nursing. Mei was an outstanding wife, mother, friend, co-worker, professional, and Christian with an infectious smile and with a real concern for others. She had many exemplary talents such as the mastery of 6 different languages and made many positive contributions to the lives of everyone who knew her including the enjoyable sharing of her exquisite culinary skills.

Gene is a U.S. Navy veteran who with Mei, have earned the privilege of being interred at the Quantico National Cemetery in Triangle Virginia. There will be a viewing at the Money and King funeral home Vienna Virginia on Sunday November 27, 2022. Mei will be laid to rest on Monday November 28, 2022 after a memorial service at the Chantilly Bible Church and a subsequent burial service at the Quantico National Cemetery.

Mei will be sorely missed by family and friends. Her impact continues to be felt by everyone she has known.


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  1. So many wonderful memories of my sweet, sweet friend. It was an immediate bond when we met in 1969. This beautiful little China Doll! Words will never express my love and appreciation of Tina’s friendship and sisterly bond we had. Geno and Chris and Beth are family to me and my family. I will cherish my memories and love forever. Here are some fun pics of us over the years. God Bless. Forever in my heart.

  2. I remember back when Mrs. Olexa would stop into the office to say hello to everyone. She would always have a big smile on her face and and seemed genuinely interested in everyone’s well-being. The joy of the Lord was evident in her countenance and the way she carried herself. It was always funny whenever I asked her about how she was doing- she’d reply with grin on her face saying, “don’t get old!” Haha. I can tell that she was a wonderful person and that she will be greatly missed by many.

  3. Greetings.
    My name is Gene Olexa and I am Mei’s husband.

    While still an infant, Mei was literally traded with another Chinese family’s infant and raised by her new family. At the time, neither family knew anything about CADASIL or any genetic illness. The new family was poor. Their home had a thatched roof and a dirt floor. However, the difference was that she was loved and in time, reached maturity high in spirits. Years later, when she was in her twenties and living in Hong Kong she was a guest of another attendee at a welcome luncheon held for Princess Margaret of England. Mei sat and engaged in conversation with the Princess and even became friends because they arranged to meet again the following day at another event. It was sort of a rags to riches kind of memory. This was also a period where Mei mastered the last of the 6 languages that she learned and spoke.

    In 1969, Mei returned to Taiwan to visit friends and family, and she had the courage to go on a blind date with an American. That would be me. We never met before but without knowing, it marked the beginning of a long life relationship together as we married about a year later and celebrated our 52nd. Wedding anniversary this past June.

    Mei became a mom in 1972 and God blessed us both with our son Chris. As a child he was a special joy and he has made us proud ever since, mainly because he had more of his Mom’s outstanding traits than his Dad’s.

    In the mid 1970’s, Mei was led to the Lord Jesus by a missionary who was visiting our church in Upper Marlboro, Md. The missionary and his wife needed a place to stay while visiting. We lived very close to the church and Tina was quick to invite them to stay with us. Later that evening the missionary, John, came to me and with great surprise said, “Tina is not saved”. I wasn’t surprised because I hadn’t been saved very long myself. Later, John spent time teaching Tina about salvation, and she excitedly accepted Jesus that very evening.

    Over the years to follow, we were active members of fundamental bible believing churches the last of which is Chantilly Bible where Mei was most active in the Chinese ministry but had many friends throughout the whole congregation. Because of her illness, it became more and more difficult to actively participate. Mei lost her ability to speak. She even found it difficult to smile which was very uncharacteristic for her. But CADASIL was now triggering a more rapid decline causing severe dementia and cognitive impairment among a number of other impairments such as swallowing difficulties. She now required full time round-the-clock care giving.

    Tina never lost that special gift of faith from the Father. She has always continued to trust in the Lord Jesus Christ as her Savior. Now she is absent from her earthly body and as we learned from our special scripture reading, she is present with the Lord with a new eternal body. This is very comforting to me because I know she now has the best caregiver in the Universe and her new eternal body is perfect because God made it himself. Halleluiah!

  4. Hello, my name is Carl Olexa.
    Gene Olexa is my brother and Mei Ping, (Tina) is my

    It was 1969, Gene, while working in Taiwan, met and fell in love with Tina. The first time I heard Tina’s voice, it came from an audio cassette tape Gene and I had used to communicate through the mail. The first picture of the happy couple
    accompanied one of those tapes. Gene and Tina were posing, arms around each other, with an unmistakable look of happiness and mutual admiration that has truly survived the test of time. I remember learning of their marriage and feeling how grateful I am that Gene had found his soulmate in Tina.

    Moving on to the first time the Olexa family met
    Tina in person and the married couple was at the Dulles Airport terminal. Tina’s smile
    was pure radiant joy and Gene’s happiness was undeniable.

    I remember soon after their arrival, they hosted a Chinese dinner at their apartment. Tina prepared eight delicious courses and the food just kept on coming. It was an extraordinary feast. Tina was always a gracious host, anxious and willing to share everything. Her generosity was shown in many ways including her home as well.

    Tina was a great addition to our family and her presence was a high point in our gatherings. While the brothers were talking guy stuff or watching sports, the ladies, Tina and her sister-in-laws, huddled for hours to discuss other important topics. We traveled together on cruises, celebrated
    holidays, Chris’ birth, graduations and marriage to Beth. We thoroughly enjoyed any excuse to be together.

    Tina was not one to be idle for long, but when she found time Tina enjoyed watching VHS tapes of Chinese opera that Gene had collected. We will
    miss her infectious smile, her laughter and her ability to make everyone feel they were
    an important part of her life. I will cherish that gift she gave us and rejoice in the fact
    that she is now making heaven a more joyful place.

    Thank you.

  5. Good morning, I am Ramona. I have known Tina for over 20 years.
    I recall that the first time I met her was when our church still met at the Barn. After all these years, I feel that her heart and her exterior were just
    like the meaning of her Chinese name Mei, meaning beautiful.

    Tina was very friendly, hospitable, and generous. In the early years of our friendship, my parents often came to the United States to visit us, and Tina had opportunities to get to know them. Very quickly, she
    became very good friends with my mother. I remember one time when she and Gene invited us to her home for a meal. She prepared a table
    full of delicacies. She also prepared extra portions so that we could take them home after the meal.

    We truly experienced the fullness of her love and also discovered her amazing culinary skills. Tina had sought God with zeal and had a heart of thanksgiving. Right from the start, she actively took part in our monthly women’s fellowship and the Thursday morning women’s Bible study.

    Even later, when her movement was limited, she would come with a walker and Gene’s help. Tina always had a smile on her face and studied God’s
    words in earnest with other sisters in Christ. Her heart for God was often an encouragement to other women who took part in the women’s Bible study. In addition, she would often thank the sisters for their love for her. Regrettably, she eventually could not attend women’s Bible study and we missed her dearly.

    I feel that Tina was a sister who really knew how to give thanks because in our past interactions, she would often give thanks for a husband who loved her very much and a son who was very devoted to her. She was very proud of them. Of course, she was even more thankful that she could know and depend on a heavenly father who loved her very

    Tina, thank you for your beautiful and committed life. I look forward to continue our beautiful fellowship in heaven!

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