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In the time of need for funeral and cremation in Reston Falls, VA, consider how Money & King Funeral and Cremation Services can support you with a personal touch. We have a long track record with nearly 140 years in business in this area. We have always been family-owned, and therefore, we are naturally family-centered.


With franchise funeral homes becoming more common, the attention to detail we can offer as a small, family-centric business is more valuable than ever. We see you and the departed as real people. Our hearts ache for your loss. We will gently guide you through this time with compassion and clarity. Together, let’s create a custom, unique celebration of your loved one’s life.


High-Quality Services for Funeral and Cremation in Reston Falls, VA

Our goal is to give you lower-cost alternatives to expensive funerals. We do this by emphasizing the choices that are available to you. We always deliver dignified and high-quality services that you would expect. We seek to be very transparent with our pricing and respectful of your budget.

In some cases, there are available resources locally and through charities or through fundraising efforts that some families have found to help them cover these costs. If a financial strain is part of your circumstances, let us know, and we will direct you to relevant resources as you seek to find these solutions.

When choosing funeral and cremation services, remember that we can get the specifics right for your situation as you share your needs and desires with us. Funerals and cremations are not always one or the other. Some choose to have full funeral services and follow with cremation instead of a traditional burial.

Consider the Future: Pre-Planning Services


A little forethought goes a long way. That is one reason using our pre-planning services option is a great choice. We have helpful online checklists and basic planning forms on our website. It is so easy to get started from home!


Have you ever thought about your own preferred options when it comes to these services? Would you choose traditional or modern options? Maybe a combination of both? What should be included in your obituary? Who should take part in your services? Families who find out these designations are already planned feel great relief when they come to see us at a time of grief.


We can make an appointment and help you understand your options as well. Some people choose to pre-arrange things when there is an upcoming, known timeline for death. Others take care of this step when it seems that it will not be needed for years to come. It isn’t all that uncomfortable for most people. It is a thoughtful way to care for your loved ones after your departure.


Also available is the option to pay now for services to be used later. This is just one additional way to set affairs in order. Once again, families left behind are so thankful when this has already been taken care of. Paying now essentially locks in your rate for services surrounding funeral and cremation in Reston Falls, VA, protecting against inflation and rising costs in the future.


Supporting You and Yours Through Times of Grief


Planning services and laying a loved one to rest can keep us busy in the time right after someone passes. The reality is the services are just the initial steps you are taking into a life without your loved one. This journey has no map, but experts agree that having supportive resources is a must.


We have many connections both locally and digitally we will offer to you as you embark on this path. Though your circumstances are unique, you are seen, you are known, and we want to help in whatever ways we can. Among others, we have resources for:


  • Young children
  • Teenagers
  • Adults who’ve lost parents
  • Adults who’ve lost children
  • Those who are widowed
  • Dear friends of the departed
  • Friends of the bereaved


Let us connect you to the compassionate and caring support that is here for you.


Using Technology to Honor Your Loved One


Technology makes it possible to share your services across the globe if applicable to your circumstances. We have live funeral webcasting available for your contacts who wish to participate virtually. This also makes a beautiful archival record of your ceremonies for later viewing if desired.


We digitally publish the obituary and make available space for tributes to be written on our website. These can then be shared with family and friends as a place to connect and support each other.


Additionally, we offer beautiful video slideshows to honor the memory of your loved one. These can include your selections of video, photographs, music, etc. You can share the video as part of your services, and it makes a meaningful historical memento.


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Get the process started for immediate needs or pre-planning arrangements for funeral and cremation in Reston Falls, VA, by contacting us today. Call us at (703) 938-7440. We are located at Money & King Funeral Home and Cremation Services: 171 Maple Ave W, Vienna, VA 22180. Tours are available.


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