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Coordinating with Money & King Funeral Home: Honoring Veterans at Arlington National Cemetery

Providing veteran families the utmost care and respect in every community is vital to the reputation of every funeral professional. Money & King Funeral Home is a reliable and experienced funeral service partner near Arlington National Cemetery As the pre-eminent funeral home in the country for veteran interments at Arlington and Quantico National Cemeteries, we take pride in providing exceptional services to honor our nation’s heroes. Our membership in Selected Independent Funeral Homes, our commitment to excellence, and extensive experience in coordinating ceremonies at these revered national cemeteries make us the ideal choice for your funeral home. We have staff members with 20+ years of experience coordinating with these two cemeteries.

Special Care for Veterans: Our Heroes

Situated in Northern Virginia, an area deeply connected to the military, we understand the significance of serving those who have dedicated their lives to our country’s service. As one of the last locally owned and operated funeral homes near Arlington National Cemetery, we go above and beyond to ensure that every veteran’s legacy is properly conducted with military honors and earned benefits. Our expertise and guidance allow us to arrange and conduct ceremonies that pay tribute to their unwavering dedication and ultimate sacrifice.

Partner with Money & King Funeral Home: Providing Dignity and Respect

When it comes to coordinating with a trusted funeral home near Arlington National Cemetery, Money & King Funeral Home and Cremation Services stands out as the premier choice. Our commitment to honoring veterans with utmost care, attention to detail, and reverence for their service sets us apart. We are here to assist you in seamlessly coordinating ceremonies at Arlington and Quantico National Cemeteries or any other National Cemetery your families may choose.

Contact us at (703) 938-7440 to discuss how we can work together to ensure our veterans receive the dignified services they deserve.

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