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At Money and King, some of us are funeral directors, but we are all caregivers. We provide the highest level of service to every family.

We often receive notes of thanks and are honored to care for these families, who have also allowed us to share their experiences with you.

Money & King's Exceptional Services: Heartfelt Testimonial
by Ray Brill

Creating Comfort in Challenging Moments: Testimonial
by Dr. Michael Catlett

September 7, 2021

The staff at Money & King made something incredibly difficult much easier for my family, and we truly appreciate it. They handled my mother’s remains and cremation respectfully, and dealt with the paperwork for her death across state lines. I’m glad we could go to a local family-run business rather than some faceless corporation. Everyone we interacted with was helpful and sympathetic. Thank you so much!

Caroline G.

May 1, 2020

My mother passed away April 27, 2020 after catching COVID-19 at a NOVA nursing home. I called seven mortuaries to learn the industry and understand its pricing model. The line item prices vary greatly. Of the reasonably priced mortuaries, I accepted Money & King due to its willingness to embalm a COVID-19 person so that I could have a personal viewing–I am very grateful to have that final moment with my mother. I am very pleased with the service and dignity that Mr. Mark Monastyrski, Funeral Director, and team provided. My mother was treated very well. I couldn’t have been more pleased. I thank Money & King for being a shining light through my challenging time.

Bennett Letwin

May 5, 2021

My family was in need of M&K’s services for my brother-in-law who was in hospice care as we were making plans for the inevitable. Sean at M&K was so kind and compassionate. I called to gather info to help my sister and also contacted one other home. Sean made the decision to go with M&K very easy. She was so understanding of our needs and our sadness. She answered all of my questions (even through my tears) fully and very tactfully, choosing her words and descriptions with care. And when the time came she was so kind to my sister and niece. She made the terribly heartbreaking experience much more bearable with her interpersonal skills and knowledge. We felt like we and our loved one was special to M&K — what more could you ask for in a time like that? Our needs also involved arranging a flight out of state and that was also handled perfectly. Thank you Sean and M&K for how you worked with us during this very sad time. Very much appreciated. You are the best.

Janet O.

June 15, 2022

Money and King handled my mother’s funeral services in a professional, respectful, and compassionate manner. Despite the fact that this is their business, there was a strong sense of humanity and respect for my mother and my grief. In particular, Sean was wonderful, and she walked me through the process and counseled me as I negotiated pricing, logistics, and details with the cemetery (which was unaffiliated with Money and King).

I highly recommend them if you need funeral services.

Daniel K Chang

June 28, 2019

They have done a fantastic job

BigMike Casey

December 20, 2021

I wanted to give a big thanks to my director Don who helped me with my mothers services. He was wonderful, and made sure my Moms memorial went as smoothly as possible. He went above and beyond, and made this process a lot less painful. We were able to stream, so that my family members in Peru, could watch, and for that I am forever grateful. I also wanted to thank Sean who directed my mothers services today. She was wonderful and just pleasant to work with. She made today less painful, and made sure the streaming was working. She did great, and I am appreciate of all the staff at the Money and King Funeral Home, everyone was kind and helpful in many ways.

Leslie Juarez Milera

July 28, 2021

Money & King and their funeral director Don McDonald really went above and beyond to give our family the very best service. Don and the funeral home really made an impossible situation more manageable. Their services and communications were fantastic, and they really went the extra mile to bring our family comfort. We had a unique request, which was to have some of the deceased DNA sampled so that it could be sequenced. Don and Money & King worked with us on this before the cremation so that we could have this meaningful information. With their assistance we placed an obituary in the paper. After it was published, Money & King sent a lovely card with the obituary and a passage on it. It is now a beloved keepsake and really so thoughtful. Again, Don and the people at Money and King really did an amazing job and went above and beyond to assist us every step of the way. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Chantilly, VA

July 15, 2023

I am so appreciative of the services of Money and King in making the arrangements for my husband’s funeral. Ryan Adams’ customer service skills were outstanding. He was very reassuring during this sad time, and all the details were taken care of flawlessly. I would also like to commend Sarah, for her assistance.

Linda F.

December 11, 2017

Shawn is very kind and compassionate. She goes out of her way to help make this difficult experience as easy on the family as possible. I am so thankful for her guidance.

Helen Michaely-Shobe

April 6, 2022

Super supportive, caring staff. Highly recommend.

Jocelyn “Jossie” Prudencio

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