A Peaceful Resting Place

No matter how you choose to care for your loved one’s physical remains, we pride ourselves on our ability to help you select from a variety of peaceful and picturesque settings for their final resting place. Whether you prefer the calm serenity of a natural park or the stately grandeur of a mausoleum, our experts are here to understand your needs and concerns, answer your questions, and provide you with all of your options and the information you need to make an informed decision about your loved one’s final resting place.

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Ground Burial

When it comes to a traditional in-ground burial, your family can choose between the different estate lots, multiple space lots, or single space graves available at local cemeteries. We’ll walk you through the different burial grounds that exist in our community, and assist you in finding an option that fits your needs, budget, and personal preferences.


Mausoleums are available at many local cemeteries and provide space for above-ground entombment of physical remains within a beautiful structure on cemetery grounds. A family might choose to use their own private structure, or may opt to share space in a community mausoleum. Though in the past a private family mausoleum was considered cost-prohibitive for many families, they’ve recently become a much more affordable option and a valuable investment for future peace of mind.

Cremation Options

There are a variety of ways to care for your loved one’s cremated remains, whether you decide to keep them within your home, spread them in a cherished location, or inter them in a garden, statue, or other memorial property. We have a wide selection of elegant and beautiful urns you can choose from, and can also provide you with local options for the entombment of your cremation urn. Cremation niches are available within many local mausoleums, as well as in area cremation gardens and inurnment plots.

A Peaceful Resting Place


Cremation and Place of Burial FAQS

Which Burial Option is Right for You and Your Family

Burial or cremation can give those left behind a way to remember and honor the life they lived, as well as say goodbye. There are many considerations that go into choosing an appropriate burial option. Location, environmental impact, and cost just to name a few. Whatever the reason you choose burial as your choice of disposition for remains, it is important to understand and navigate the local laws and ordinances which dictate what type of arrangements can be made. Burial is a deeply personal decision and it's important to think about your loved ones when making this choice. There are many different types of burials that can be chosen from, so weigh all options carefully before deciding on one type or style for you!


Types of Burial Options

In-Ground Burial

In-Ground Burial is a term that can refer to many different burial scenarios, but in general it's referring to the most common scenario in America where one is buried in a ground plot. The body is encased in a casket made of wood or metal and placed inside, typically with some form of personalization on the inexpensive headstone. In-ground burials generally allow for more personalized ownership of a cemetery plot, as well as lower costs for families - especially when compared with the costs associated with above-ground burial plots. Oftentimes they offer room for larger family gatherings or events near their loved ones grave site locations.


Above Ground Burial in a Community Mausoleum

A Community Mausoleum provides a place for you to spend the rest of eternity with your loved ones. It is a public burial space for members of a community built in the form of a mausoleum or columbarium. The main difference between this and the typical cemetery, is that it provides for group burials rather than individual graves. This can be especially advantageous when there's not enough room for all of your loved ones, and when family members live far away from each other. A mausoleum provides a secure, dry, and clean space to offer the types of service traditionally associated with funeral homes for your loved ones.


Lawn Crypt Burials

Lawn crypt burials are a great way of being memorialized together. Your family will have room for two more people on the property.

Lawn crypt burials are a new burial alternative that allows for two people to be memorialized together. If you want to be close with someone even in death, this is the option for you! It's typically used for two people to be buried together and occupy the same space, side-by-side and under one headstone.



Cremation is often more economical than burial because of the cost of casket and burial space. If you're looking to commemorate someone but want some level of flexibility in your options for how that commemoration will look like in the long-term down the road while still honoring their memory now, then cremation is an attractive option. Once again- it depends on what matters most to you! Scattering back in nature, or scattering into the ocean, or burying under what is meaningful to you are all options for scattering ashes.


Private Family Mausoleum

Private Family Mausoleum is a private, aboveground structure made to be used as a final resting place for members of the same family. A bespoke PFM may be erected on any desired location on property, to accommodate any design requirement and will incorporate environmentally conscious options such as passive energy systems. Typical dimensions are 16' x 16', which comfortably accommodate even larger families, though the physical size of the arrangement can be customized at any time during construction.


Natural Burials

Natural Burial are burials which do not use embalming fluid, a casket, or a burial vault. Contrary to what you would expect, these other burial options are called "traditional." The concept of Natural Burials is to return the body back into the earth as close as possible to where it came from. This way our bodies can help create new life in nature by enriching the soil with nutrients and minerals that will fertilize plants, trees, flowers for years to come while reducing our carbon footprint.


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