Hubert Lloyd Wynn

hubert wynn
Hubert Wynn died April 20, 2023, at the age of 87. Born in St James, Jamaica on August 17, 1935, he was one of nine children. Philbert, Winston, Lunadell, Eveline and Dorothy preceded him in death. Hubert is survived by his brothers Alton and Lowel and Myrtle.

Hubert was married to his beloved wife Reverend Ruby Sydnor Wynn for 14 years. They were wed on April 26,1986, on the lovely island of Jamaica. He was a loving and devoted father to his five children daughters Venice Wynn and Sandrine Wynn, sons Michael Wynn, Ruddy Wynn, and Lloyd Wynn, four stepchildren Alic’e Hendrick Robinson, Kevin Spruill, Alvin Spruill, Cleveland Spruill. He dedicated his life to his family and especially loved his role as Grandfather "Papa" or “Chappy” to many. He is survived by fifteen grandchildren: Andre, Rachelle, Shaneil, Jason, Latanya, Claudia, Pilar, Renee, Akera, Elijah, Shaquile, Keane, Christopher, Ishka, Kavene. Hubert is also survived by one great granddaughter Lyric and four great grandsons Corey, Avion, Allen and Kaidin, He was always memorable and inspiring to everyone he met with his strong values, faith, and his down-home Jamaican traditions. His legacy will continue for generations to come. We Love and miss you.

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  1. We are saddened with the passing of uncle Chappy. As one of his favorite nephew we grew up as a close knit family. Having left Jamaica at an impressionable age I still have fond memories of my uncle. He was very passionate about whatever he was doing , be it taking care of his family, gardening,cooking or playing ball with the boys. I remembered him make a lot of raucous when comes time to discipline any of the children, but usually never carry through with it. His bark was bigger than his bite (the old jamaican saying). He was an amazing cook and farmer. The produce he reaped from his garden was a marvel to everyone. My mom (Eveline) always recollect the fond memories she had with him growing up as she was just a few years his senior. She loved him dearly! ❤️
    Last year when we visited uncle with his brother Aulton (Jelf) I could see the disappointment that Aulton had when he could not communicate with his brother as he wanted. Be that as it was Aulton was happy to see his elder brother one more time , and is still cherishing those times although limited.
    Rest in peace uncle Cappy, Chaplin, Hubert, Server. You will be greatly missed. Love always from Aulton, Ricky, Vin, Stephanie, Dave, Sheri, Jermayne, Nia, Caleb and other family members in Canada and Jamaica.

  2. Uncle Chaplin, I’m so glad we got to meet and laugh together. You rest well Sir, till we meet again.


  3. While he was strong and healthy he was always concern about his grandson Keane, so he made sure he would send his school fees.we will never forget. May his memories live on.

  4. Papa as was called by closed family was sometimes commanding but a very easy person to talk to,he was a no nonsense person,he would only wanted results.

  5. Q: How would you describe Hubert to someone who had never met them?

    A: # 1 Grand Father AkA Papa 1 # ? ?❤️‍??????Forever. Of all my memories of my beloved Papa I cannot remember most of it due to being a young baby/child at that time. But I could Never have forgot the time Papa visited JA?? & he came & took myself & my three brothers…Kean Shaquille & Christopher to shop for food/snacks… Now while entering the supermarket I could remember papa’s exact words he said that day I quote “Pick up whatever you guys Want’’ ? my Brain ? was Left in Processing mode without a chance to Recover.Oh well maybe ? Grandpa didn’t know that this lil baby had an appetite of A Giant Giant & few of my Bros as Well still it was really appreciated by Us all.continuing to the good part now getting direct order from Papa to clear out the Store lol ? in other words, we had to get at least four bags for four brothers including my self cause I personally wasn’t planning on sharing my goodies ? ??? with
    No one (Yo Mad) yet still we all did that day later on in the night…Back to the Past after literally clearing out the goodies/sweets/snacks/food & Yogurt Etc…Yes Sir just Like 21 savage Song (A Lot) into the four super Large big black plastic bags, at the time we had to pack Heavy because we didn’t know what other plans or adventure Papa had in store for Us But personally for myself clearing out the supermarket made my Day He Really was & Still is my #1 Grand Father AKA PAPA…..why don’t ask me why you could answer that your self…Love you Forever PAPA not because you fulfilled our sweet tooth craving NO or because you spoiled us so much that day No and definitely Not because you bought out the whole entire goodies section No…But ❤️ & Respect ? PAPA Forever for showing us so much Love in those times when we needed it the Most which brought us Four as brothers a bit more closer to each other those few most precious moments I (NEVER forget )together….oh ending of my memories after the above was (Belly ack a lot of fun goodies and me feeding a Dog ? some Yogurt Pudding flavor chocolate but I didn’t like the taste so I gave it to the Dog) while after me & my brother were eating some Big jumbo Cheetos. 1 Love ❤️ # 1 PAPA for showing us a Love no one else could show their Grand kids plez watch over US.❤️‍??????????. PS after watching the visual service (Now I Finally realize why I love to….sing….Plant…and why I’ve been upses with the radio growing up as a toddler & now a young man??. Yours truly Isha George Wynn AKA Ishka

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