Jose M. Abraham

jose abraham
José María Abraham, beloved grandfather, father, and husband, died on Friday, March 24th, 2023. Born on April 14th, 1935 in Mallorca, Spain, he was one of four siblings. José was born in the midst of the Spanish Civil War, and as a child, he often had to steal food to feed his family. As he grew up, he developed a love for the sea, fishing, and the culinary arts. He married Pilar Figueroa, and together they had two children, Maria and Tony. The four moved to Montreal and eventually to the United States, where they lived in Falls Church, Virginia. Wherever he lived, José worked tirelessly in the restaurant industry and eventually started his own businesses, working as a fisherman, restaurateur, and importer of Spanish beverages. He spoke multiple languages, including Spanish, Mallorquin, English, French, and German. He loved Mallorca, and in his heyday, would take his boat into the sea to fish. He had a sharp, witty sense of humor and was cracking jokes even as he laid in the ICU several weeks ago. There is so much more we could say about him. It is an impossible task to write a succinct obituary about a man who lived his life so fully. José is survived by wife Pilar, his two children Maria and Tony, and his five grandchildren Rani, Leela, Anil, Tiffany, and Miguel.

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  1. Mr. Abraham will always be remembered as the kind jovial gentleman with a loving heart and caring ways. His love for family, specially his grandchildren was apparent at every thanksgiving dinner. He will be missed and we are grateful to have shared so many thanksgivings with him. May his souls rest in eternal peace!

  2. I am unusually fortunate and blessed. I mean, not many people can say that they have happily lived next-door to someone for fifty years. 50! But I can. Not only that, it isn’t just ANY someone, it is the Abrahams!

    We liked Mr. Abraham right away. Here we were, three teenagers living so close and wreaking our young havoc, with nary a complaint from next door. (At least not from THAT side of our house)! I imagine however, that he was exasperated with us young’uns at times. I’m pretty sure they all were!

    As our families got to know each other over the years, we shared lots of smiles and laughter. And before we all knew it, warm hugs!
    We have also been through blizzards, power-outages, and flooding.
    And a few sad times too.

    Do you know what is memorable? It’s seeing Mr. Abraham putzing around in his antique car. I think it was a Model A. Or was it a Model T? I don’t quite recall. But I sure can still see him sitting proudly upright behind the wheel and grinning away! Having some fun, he was!!
    I could tell that he also enjoyed coming and going in his Jeep while he had it.
    Eventually, Mr. Abraham could be seen up-close as he often strolled the street with his walker! And still a twinkle in his eye! The kids LOVED him!

    Now the story goes that Mr. Abraham at times could be difficult. Grouchy if you will. I NEVER saw that. I’m lucky there too I guess!

    My brother Dave had the good fortune to take an overseas vacation to Mallorca. Thanks to…guess who? You know it! The Abrahams graciously opened their home to share with him to visit. Boy, was he thrilled! And the photos he brought home…WOW! I know Dave will be glad to see Mr. Abraham again.

    So we looked after each other throughout many long years, but began seeing less of one another as we all got older and then became home-bound due to Covid. But he would wave and blow kisses from the window when he saw me.

    My heart aches.

    I will never forget you Mr. Abraham. Thank you for loving me and being a part of my life.

    And to Mrs. Abraham and ALL his family, may the legacy of his spirit give you strength. I have strength in knowing I still have you to love.

    I continue to be fortunate and blessed.

    Affectionately and with sympathy,
    Your neighbor,
    Chris Hubbs

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