Kenneth S. McAtee D.D.S.

kenneth mcatee d.d.s.
Died on Thursday, November 18, 2010 at the Virginian. Dr. Kenneth S. McAtee was born on March 10, 1917 in Berryville, Clarke County, VA.

He graduated from Berryville High School in 1935.

His college experience was the University of Virginia where he took his pre-dental requirements for four years. He graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School with honors. Following this he took graduate work at the University of North Carolina.

He entered the service during WWII: among his stations was MacDill Air Force Base, Tampa, FL. His services at MacDill were maxilliary facial surgery as well as dental procedures. When he was released from the service in 1946, he entered dental practice in Arlington, VA. After 42 years of service, he retired and became a student of the civil war pertaining to John S. Mosby. This was the reason for his future endeavors, which included lectures, tours, and his contributions to three books. He also was a member of the Arlington/Fairfax Elks Lodge.

He is survived by his four daughters, Mary Margaret Cathcart-Kemp of Vienna, VA, Judie Lapolla of Somers, NY and Carolyn Maslaney and Linda Walker of Springfield, VA. Preceded in death by a son, Kenneth S. McAtee, Jr. He is also survived by six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren.

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  1. Dear Daddy: Thanks for being there for us for so long. I know you didn’t want to leave your girls ever, but it is now your time to rest. You were the best dad ever and I will sorely miss you. You leave us the most wonderful memories that we will keep close to our hearts forever. Love from your baby girl, Linda

  2. Cousin Kenneth, You always told me how you and my Mother, Alma Carlisle Dunne – your 1st cousin, were the best of friends growing up in Berryville. I’ll certainly miss your ghost stories and tales of Mosby’s Rangers. Now you have “crossed the river to rest under the trees”. Rest in peace.

  3. Dear Daddy, One of the most vivid memories you have left us is of the McAtee Christmas. All of your children sitting anxiously on the steps waiting for you to “eat the cookie”, put on the Christmas carols, put on the lights, grab a cup of coffee, and generally make a fuss over what “Santa” did while 5 children felt tortured. This tradition as well as others was lovingly passed on to my children and now to their children. I love you Daddy now and forever. Your Dumpinhead, Judie

  4. I was privileged to meet Dr. McAtee once several years ago on one of Don Hakenson’s Mosby tours and I have never forgotten his wit and wisdom. My deepest condolences to his family and all of his many friends and admirers. May his memory be eternal.

  5. Daddy, Thank you for being a wonderful dad, friend, and son at times. Taking care of you for the past ten years has been a privileged. You will always be my hero. Don’t forget the things that we promised each other, because I won’t. I will always love, love, love you forever and ever. Love, Carolyn

  6. My Dear Dad, I must start this message by stating how your guidance helped shape me into the woman I am today. My late husband, David along with Holly (our daughter) enjoyed all our get togethers–from the more formal Thanksgivings and Christmas’s to the everyday dinners, errands, babysitting Holly, and trips to Berryville. My memories of your zest for life (even with macular) gave me such inspiration. I hope to pass down some of your stories, lessons of life and respect for one another to my grandchildren. I wish life had made it possible for them to get to know you as I have. My love for you will continue as long as I live—-Until we meet again!!!! Love, Mary Margaret aka “Moogins”

  7. I was a long time patient of Dr. McAtee’s, from the late 1950s to the time he retired. Although I moved to Maryland in the mid 1970s I continued goinng back to Virginia. I always appreciated his caring concern for his patients. I still remember his stories of his service in the Navy.

  8. It was my privilege to know “Doc” as a good friend. He was a veteran of WWII with pride in his service to this nation, and he possessed both the literary and oratory skills to reconnect to his Confederate ancestors and the great War Between the States. Doc leaves behind many memories, his generosity, his laughter, his compassion and his wonderful stories. He was also the author of three books, a legacy that time cannot diminish. I will miss him!

  9. My Uncle Kenneth. . . I’ll never forget the fun times when we were all young. The amazing laugh, bursting into song “do da do da day”. Trying to do the best for all of the family and keeping in touch through the years. I have many good memories that I will hold forever.

  10. I will miss Doc, He was intelligent, kind, had a great sense of humor and made learning about civil war history fun. He will be greatly missed.

  11. Dear Dr. McAtee, You were one of the most fun dads of all my friends. I will always remember your smile and the twinkle in your eye. May you rest in peace.

  12. I will always remember the many years of meeting each morning at McDonalds with Doc and our coffee group. Doc was very inspirational, caring, and an upbeat person. He had a great love for his country and profession. He was a wonderful person to be around. I will sincerely miss Doc.

  13. To Doc’s Family — He will always be a very special part of my Southwick Street memories. His warmth, his incredible intellect, his wonderful sense of humor, his devotion to God, family, country, his pride in being a Virginian….this and so much more…will be treasured always. Doc was one of a kind!!! I was so blessed to have known him! Love and prayers, Patti Broome Schacht, former next-door neighbor

  14. I have many fond memories of Dr. McAtee at Bruen Chapel UMC. He and my husband taught the youth group at Sunday School in the 7o’s and he was loved by all the youth. I also have several of his books he wrote. He was very special and I am sure you have many great memories of him. These memories are what you need to cherish at this time. My Sympathy, Barbara Hull

  15. Dr. McAtee was my dentist for many years, from the time I was about 5 in 1975 until he retired. I would see him occasionally while visiting my grandmother in the Virginian. He was always interested to know how I was doing and how my family was. I was lucky to see him one last time in September. He was a dear man who really made the world a better place. See you one day in heaven, Dr. Succotash. (our little term of endearment for him!)

  16. the only McAtee i know of is Sam McAtee Berryville High School class of 1926. I would look forward to any school yearbooks photo of Dr.McAtee his Parents, uncles aunts .cousins from Berryville Documents can be scanned by the Archivist at Clarke County Historical Association. and the orginials returned to the daughters of Dr. McAtee. His history is important to the complete history of Berryville. If The daughters of Dr. McAtee w3ould like to have their Fathers history in a permanant collection in Berryville Contact the Archivist Mary Morris at the Clarke County Historical association in Berryville her Email address is I think its dot org. Checki out the Association Website by typing in Search Clarkehistory.Org. My name is Bob Brawley and I’m merely a history buff intrested in the people history 0f Clarke county.

  17. Dr. McaTee was my childhood dentist from the Rice bldg in Westover. He is a fixture of my childhood memory..and that of my sister too. I have thought of him many many times over the years…and here is the sign of fate..I was visiting Westover on Saturday…something I do only a few times a year when I opened the paper and saw his obit. God Bless him and his will see each other again!

  18. I remember Doc as a true Virginia gentleman….and a gentle man. He really knew his Mosby history, and I am proud to have known him and shaken his hand. I bought every book Doc wrote and had him autograph each one. I did not meet Doc until about 10 years ago, when he would show up at Stuart-Mosby Society tours, but got to see him from time to time and he was very knowledgeable about Colonel Mosby and the Rangers of the 43rd Battalion, Virginia Cavalry. He was a good man. May God rest his soul. Dave Goetz

  19. I was extremely honored and fortunate to have known Doctor Kenneth Stuart McAtee for a number of years. I feel blessed to be one of his friends and to have shared a small part of his life. He was a man of many passions. In my memory I can still hear him telling admiring listeners his wonderful reminiscences about the Grey Ghost; Ranger John Russell; his life growing up in Berryville; and other stories concerning life in general. His talks were always meaningful and thought provoking and are indeligibly etched into my mind forever. I am truly a very lucky man to have known him! Everyone was his compadre and he had no enemies! Also, there is no doubt in my mind, at this very moment, Doc is cajoling with his close friends and fellow associates Jim Moyer, Admiral Coleman, John Devine, John Gott and Pat Jones! How I wish I could be there with them and hear what they have to say! God Bless you Doc! You will be missed!

  20. Dr. Mac was my dentist in Westover from my childhood in the 50’s until he retired. I already knew him because he was in the “Couples Class” with my parents. I will always remember one of the lines he frequently told me while I was in the chair with my mouth open – “I don’t know what you are worrying about, I have to do all the work!” He actually made going to the dentist almost fun. He was a character and also a kind, gentle man. I visited him at the Virginian in October. Although I know that he had a few very bad weeks at the end, the day I saw him he was intellectually sharp and witty as ever. He seemed at peace. I will never forget him.

  21. I was privileged to have met Doc during several Civil War-related events over the years. Because of him, I have a larger understanding and deeper appreciation of the War, with all its military, political, and cultural dimensions. Most importantly as a native Virginian, I came to greatly appreciate Doc’s expertise and inspiration when it came to espousing the Gospel according to the Gray Ghost. With the ongoing national crusade to revisit and reacquaint ourselves with all aspects of American history, Doc’s knowledge and gentle way of correcting the record as it relates to the Civil War will be solely missed. For me personally, it will be especially difficult to participate in any of the numerous observances planned over the next several years to honor Sesquicentennial of the War without recalling this gifted and generous master of history. Sincerest condolences to his family and friends from the Breadbasket of the Confederacy.

  22. I will always remember Doc as a deep voiced man who had an absolute faith in God. And this Methodist man prayed for me, a Roman Catholic, every day.

  23. I got to know Doc through church at Bruen Chapel UMC, and later as a regulat at McDonalds at Fairfax Circle. I cherished his friendship and his sincerity. I had a lot of fun kidding him about digging up and counting his Confederate money for fear that Bob Jerussi would steal it. Doc will surely be missed.

  24. We just learned with great sorrow of Dr. McAtee’s passing tonight. I have known him a good portion of my life and have many, many fond memories of him as my friend’s father, friend of my parents, my Sunday School teacher (and of my children as well), our Dentist for many years, and later in our lives our good friend all while being members of Bruen Chapel UMC. He had a profound way of impacting lives for which I will be forever grateful. I loved him dearly and have every sympathy for the loss to his family. I am truly sorry I did not know this in time to attend his service. May God bless you and keep you, Carole Ann Eastridge Waters

  25. I will always remember Dr. McAtee as my dentist from 10 years old until he retired. He helped with my fear of going to the dentist. And his stories were great! My husband and daughters also went to Dr. McAtee and we have a couple of his books. I will also always remember his auto license tag – UVA 1–always knew when he was there. He was a fixture on the sidelines of Annandale High School football games with my father, “Buck” Henry. They were great pals at the games and he was also my parents’ dentist until he retired. We were able to visit him from time to time at the Virginian, where my mother, Myrtle Henry, lived. We had lunch and dinner with him several times and also heard his lyrical voice with one of the waitress there! It was great. He was always in a jolly mood–upbeat and it was “catching.” We will miss Doc and our sincere sympathy to his family. Bill and Peggy Seneker

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