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nada mufarrij
With a heavy heart, we share with you the loss of our beloved sister Nada Mufarrij. Nada has been a central part of our lives and our daily dealings. She was always a phone call away, never missing a family event, and always cheering for us and supporting us. Nada’s voice, advice, and laughter will forever resonate in our minds and hearts. Her affection, intelligence, compassion, and wit marked us, as well as her friends and large network of colleagues.

Nada joined the World Bank Group (WBG) in January of 2003 and was the Senior Advisor to the Executive Director at the World Bank at the time of her passing. Nada is known for her integrity, dedication, and significant contributions to the WBG partnership with the Middle East and North Africa Region. As Nada’s colleagues shared, she will always be remembered for her visionary spirit, boundless talents, and charismatic personality.

Nada’s big heart united people from all walks of life and her selfless generosity was felt by many.

Our consolation is that Nada left us a treasure of beautiful memories and her legacy will live well beyond her short life. Rest in Peace our angel sister. We hope that you are hugging mom and dad in heaven and already telling them the many stories that we loved hearing you tell us.

Nada Mufarrij is survived by her sister Naila Mufarrij; brother Marwan Moufarrej and wife Carol Melhem; niece and nephew Mira and Souheil Moufarrej; and multiple aunts and cousins. She is preceded in death by her mother Salam Najjar and father Souheil Mufarrij.

The memorial service praying for her soul will be on Saturday, October 16 from 11:00am to 1:00pm EST, at Saints Peter and Paul Antiochian Orthodox Church, Potomac, MD (10620 River Rd, Potomac, MD 20854), followed by a meal of mercy. To view the Live Stream, please click here.

Please visit the memorial page and share with us your messages, memories, and pictures of Nada. We would love to keep them in memory of our sister.

In remembrance of Nada’s life, memorial contributions may be made to Children’s Cancer Center of Lebanon, or Lebanese Red Cross.

Nada’s final resting place will be at Saint Georges Church in Bichmezzine, Lebanon, with our parents. Details about the timing will be shared with you at a later date.

May Nada’s memory be eternal!

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  1. Nada is unique as she made everyone who she met feeling unique. I met Nada in CDR Beirut in July 1999 and she helped me understand the Lebanese system and how CDR was functioning. The day before the last day of the world bank mission, Beirut was bombarded by Israel and we all panicked. At the wrap up me meeting I was speechless feeling the pain of the all the Lebanese people and it was Nada who came to me to comfort me rather than me comforting I will never forget that moment of a caring women with such a positive spirit and an impressive optimism. We since then became friends. She will always find the right word to make you feeling unique and her favorite. May you Rest In Peace my dear friend. You are an angel. You taught us so many things…, I miss you so much Samia Msadek

  2. I am still in a daze over your passing Noni that struck me like a thunderbolt. I lost a lifetime friendship of 56 years that remained unabated all throughout the years even though we lived thousands of miles apart. You stood by me and supported me unconditionally though major events in my life. I am going to miss someone calling me Hodi as you were the only one who did so, your generous spirit, your pure friendship with no strings attached, our super long conversation over the phone and hanging out together every time I visited DC. I will however, cherish the memories I had with you since Kindergarten especially our last 3 hour phone conversation together . Rest in heaven Dearie . Hugzzz and kisses ? from me. Love ❤️ you Noun. It is stings to lose one of my oldest besties.

  3. I have known Nada since I first joined the World Bank 15 years ago. She was so welcoming and helpful and I have always considered her to be one of the most sincere individuals I interacted with at the Bank and outside. My sincere condolences for your loss her memory will live forever with us. Randa Akeel

  4. Niddo…Habibet albe What can I say?You left too soon.Your shiny smile and rosy cheeks, your hearty laugh, your crushing hugs, your warning smell and your overflowing love…in other words YOU, you will be missed beyond words or measure. I feel very lucky that you were in my life more of a caring sister than a cousin. Rest in peace dear Angelina heaven.your memory will be eternal. Love you always .Marina.

  5. Tomorrow, in this faraway land, we will bid you farewell. Tomorrow, miles away from home, we will remember your joyful face, your witty jokes, and your charismatic personality. Tomorrow, you won’t be with us in person but your beautiful soul will light the room. Tomorrow, we will gather around you, say your name countless times, & a new page of our friendship will begin. Tomorrow we will honor your memory, that of a loving friend, a strong lady with a golden heart, a professional economist who was passionate about her work, a conscientious civil servant who put integrity first. Rest In Peace dear friend & fly back to our beloved Lebanon

  6. Dear Nada – I have been speaking with you in my heart since I heard the horrible news that you left this world. I know that you hear me even if you are not here because you always seemed to hear all those around you with no need for words. Since I met you over 15 years ago, you left your mark. No matter how often or little we met over the years, our conversation always picked up from where we left them because you cared. You, Nada, made this a better place because of who you were and you leave us all mourning your loss. Rest In Peace dear Nada. ❤️ Dahlia Khalifa

  7. My dear Nada You left too soon and unexpectedly to see your smile again. I will always keep the good memories around a coffee at the Atrium and your smile that shines and gives optimism. Allah yarhamha dear Nada ?

  8. My dear Nada. Your loss will be felt by many but more by me. You have been part of my life and I will always cherish the good memories. I will let these photos speak for me. May your memory be eternal

  9. Nada lived a life full of love and of generosity touching the lives of all those who knew her. She gave the world abundantly and though we mourn her death we celebrate her life, a life full of kind deeds, support to others and achievements that have not only touched her immediate friends and family but the world at large. She combined kindness and empathy with wit and intelligence and molded all qualities with a strong will to act and achieve. She will always be with us and her memory will remain eternal. Rest with the angels dear cousin where there is no pain or lament but serenity under the light of our lord. We love you and celebrate the fact that we were in your sphere our love.

  10. Dearest Nada, i will remember fondly the great discussions we had on Lebanon, the Bank, and so many topics where your perspectives were always valued. I will miss your laughter above all, and your kindness. Mona Haddad.

  11. رحلت يا ندى كالطيف واخذت معك بهجة اللقاء ورقة الشعور وطرافة الحديث وعمق المعرفة وقوة المنطق . عرفتك في المجلس كما كنا نسميه في العام ١٩٩٧ واستمر المشوار في البنك الدولي . نعم كنت الصديقة والخبيرة، وكنت الهمسة والحسام. كنت حاضرة دوماً من اجل لبنان وتركت خلفك فراغاً كبيراً … اين انت اليوم يا صديقتي؟ نبكيك وتبقى ذكراك وتلك الابتسامة….لبنان يبكيك، ارزة خضراء تهوي من ثقل الهموم……. رمزي ونسرين نعمان

  12. Most of my friends and relatives are familiar with the long term bond shared between our two families and the special relationship I had with Nayla and Nada. The loss of Nada brings to mind the loss of Uncle Souheil and Aunty Salam. I suppose Nada personified a lot of the qualities that the family had together. She was loving, funny, determined, helpful and supportive. So were Uncle Souheil and Aunty Salam. We lose members of our families but we try to continue with increased love and support for each other. Nayla and Marwan had to do that twice. May God be with you both and grant you the peace of heart and courage to continue the family legacy. A family so loved. Nada will leave yet another void hard to fill.

  13. Our dear, lovely Nada. We have such sweet, beautiful memories. Now, for the moment overwhelmed by great sadness. Whenever you were together with us and your UK cousins, although the occasions were regretfully all too few, it always felt that we had never really been apart.

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